Sorrento Tower: Affordable Senior Housing That Exemplifies Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Sorrento Tower: Affordable Senior Housing That Exemplifies Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Aside from beautiful views of the city and the ocean, seniors who live in the Sorrento Tower affordable housing landmark in the Clairemont area of San Diego also enjoy the comforts and energy savings made possible through a collaboration between the property owner and SDG&E.

The RAHD Group, the owner of Sorrento Tower, participated in our company’s energy efficiency and customer assistance programs as part of a major retrofit of the 42-year-old high rise.

High-efficiency water heaters, light fixtures, dual-pane windows, and boilers were installed, along with new appliances for tenants, including microwaves and refrigerators that are Energy Star certified. These improvements cut the building’s overall energy use by more than 10 percent, resulting in savings of about $65,000 a year.

In partnership with the RAHD Group, we also enrolled tenants in the expanded CARE bill discount program, helping them to reduce their monthly utility bills by more than a third.

Honored as an Energy Champion and Held up as a Case Study

Sorrento Tower and RAHD Group were honored recently with an Energy Champion award at our 2018 Energy Showcase, which spotlighted a dozen projects and programs in our region that exemplify the best of the best in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability leadership.

“Working with partners like SDG&E, we are really able to make very nice communities for the residents. It’s something that I can be proud of and my team members can be proud of,” said Colin Rice, managing partner of the RAHD Group.

In addition to being recognized with an Energy Champion award, Sorrento Tower has become a case study for multi-family housing energy efficiency retrofits.

More Information

Watch this short video to see how energy efficiency upgrades helped make Sorrento Tower a “chill place” to live it, as one resident put it.