Simple Tips to Keep Warm for Less

Simple Tips to Keep Warm for Less

With rain and chilly temperatures in the forecast, more and more people are turning up the heat in their homes and businesses. Whether you use natural gas or electricity to stay warm, we are offering simple steps every customer can take to save money on their heating bills.

Ideally, prior to the winter season, we recommend annual tune-ups and maintenance to help ensure heating equipment runs safely, efficiently and lasts longer. Customers can schedule a free natural gas appliance check-up online

In addition to scheduling a maintenance appointment, below are some tips to help save you some money on space heating when it’s cold outside:

  • Use caulk to seal cracks around window frames, vents and pipes
  • Install weatherstripping in gaps in window sills and doors
  • Clean or replace air filters monthly during peak heating season
  • Keep areas in front of air registers clear
  • Set the thermostat at 68 degrees or less if your comfort or health permit and set it back or turn it off when you’re not home
    • Tip: Find out if you qualify for a free smart thermostat by filling out this form.

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