Viasat Campus

A Savings By Design Success Story: the New Viasat East Campus

Viasat East campus building with bridge

One of the fastest growing local companies in our region has gone ultra-energy-efficient with the latest addition to its Carlsbad campus.

Viasat – known for its satellites that power global communications, including WiFi on airplanes – participated in our Savings by Design program and incorporated high efficiency features into its new East Campus from the ground-up. These features include installing high efficiency lighting, windows, heating and cooling systems as well as cool roof technology.

A few of the efficiency measures completed and soon to be completed buildings/parking areas:

  • High efficiency lighting that falls below the standard allowed Title 24 Lighting Power Densities (LPD)
  • CRRC verified cool roof
  • High efficiency glazing
  • High efficiency boiler and domestic hot water systems
  • High efficiency HVAC system

Viasat’s campus expansion and growth was highlighted in the Jan. 2 issue of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s business section.

What is Savings by Design?

A statewide program that’s administered locally by SDG&E, Savings by Design provides technical assistance and incentives to owners of new projects to encourage them to build energy efficiency features into their facilities from start to finish.

Projects that participate in the program exceed California’s Title 24 building requirements and achieve superior comfort, performance, and environmental and economic advantages for owners and occupants because of their high-efficiency features.

As an incentive for going above and beyond to design and build high-performance buildings, program participants could receive up to $150,000 in incentives.

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