Countywide Cool Zones Ramp Up Just in Time to Beat the Summer Heat

Countywide Cool Zones Ramp Up Just in Time to Beat the Summer Heat


CZ2Today, San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nora Vargas and other County officials joined with San Diego Gas & Electric to announce this year’s Cool Zones, a network of free, air-conditioned places (like libraries or community centers) across the region that will provide respite for older adults, persons with disabilities, or anyone looking to escape extreme summer heat.  

The County also presented other programs that partner with local organizations to offer support to vulnerable San Diegans. 211 San Diego, for example, provides transportation support to Cool Zones.  

“Public, private and nonprofit partnerships to help mitigate heat-related risk are critically important. No one entity has the capacity to do it all, but by combining our resources, we are better able to fill gaps in services. We are honored to be part of this support system,” said Hollie Bierman, SDG&E’s director of customer Programs. “To further support users of Cool Zones, SDG&E provides these facilities with brochures about our customer assistance and bill discount programs as well as resources available for individuals with access and functional needs.” 

Aging and Independence Services, a division of the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, manages the Cool Zone program in partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric. The Cool Zone initiative has been in existence for 22 years. In 2001, Board of Supervisors created the program out of concern for seniors and disabled persons with health concerns that could be complicated by extreme heat. It is a natural fit for SDG&E to support a program that enhances the safety and the comfort of our customers. 

Cool Zones are a way for residents to lower individual utility usage and help conserve energy for the whole community. At Cool Zones, SDG&E will have literature and applications for our  Customer Assistance Programs, which offer monthly bill discounts to those who meet income and other eligibility criteria. For example, if you or someone in your household has a qualifying medical condition or a need for a certain medical device, the Medical Baseline Allowance Program provides an additional amount of gas and electricity at the lowest rates. Learn more about our Customer Assistance Programs when visiting a Cool Zone. 

For additional information, please visit the County's webpage here.  

Here are Some Additional Tips to Beat the Heat 

  • Slow down. Be your most physically active during the coolest part of the day. Pace yourself when engaging in physical activity. 

  • Stay indoors as much as possible. If air conditioning is not being used, stay on the lowest floor. Keep shades down and blinds closed, but windows slightly open. 

  • Electric fans do not cool the air, but they do help sweat evaporate, which cools your body. 

  • Take a cool shower, bath or sponge bath. 

  • Avoid using the oven. 

  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Light colors will reflect away some of the sun's heat. 

  • Air out hot cars before getting into them. 

  • Never leave children or pets inside vehicles at any time, even with the windows cracked. Temperatures inside a vehicle can reach lethal levels no matter what the weather is like. 

  • Drink more fluids than usual even if you do not feel thirsty.