Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe When Working from Home

Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe When Working from Home

This month is National Electrical Safety Month, and the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has launched its annual effort to help reduce electrical related fatalities, injuries, and property loss. This year’s campaign theme is “Connected to Safety,” which educates consumers on the emerging technology that ensures their homes are prepared to keep up with today’s energy demands.

Get more information and materials on the "Connected to Safety" campaign here.

Working from Home: The New Normal

Since many have transitioned to a work-from-home schedule over the past year, we are sharing these electrical safety tips as a reminder to all our customers. The following "Top 10" electrical safety tips will keep you and your home safe from electrical hazards:

  1. Avoid overloading outlets.
  2. Unplug appliances when not in use to save energy and minimize the risk of shock or fire.
  3. Regularly inspect electrical cords and extension cords for damage.
  4. Extension cords should be used only on a temporary basis.
  5. Never plug a space heater or fan into an extension cord or power strip.
  6. Never run cords under rugs, carpets, doors or windows.
  7. Plug in smartly – make sure cords do not become tripping hazards.
  8. Keep papers and other potential combustibles at least three feet away from space heaters and other heat sources.
  9. Make sure you use proper wattage for lamps and lighting.
  10. Make sure your home has smoke alarms. Test them monthly, change batteries yearly, and replace the unit every 10 years

Download the ESFI infographic Electrical safety while working from home here. To learn other safety tips, please visit