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Thermal Imaging Cameras Enhance Firefighter Safety


Situational awareness – knowing what is going on around you – is critical to our region’s firefighters. Having the right tools can make the difference between life and death. And now, with the evolvement of new, ground-breaking technology, firefighters can essentially “see” through smoke with thermal imaging cameras, which dramatically increase their safety when fighting fires.

At SDG&E, we are working harder than ever to promote public safety and fire and emergency preparedness. That is why we have partnered with the County Training Officers Association – an organization dedicated to providing fire training and education to officers and the fire service community – to donate two thermal imaging cameras to the Escondido Fire Department and the Heartland Fire Rescue in El Cajon.

How these cameras can save lives

Thermal imaging cameras can detect or “see” heat emitted through several filters like smoke and dust. What’s even more amazing is that they detect energy through a door or wall, essentially telling a firefighter that there’s a lot of heat on the other side. This significantly improves the safety of firefighters as they work tirelessly to save lives.

Watch this video to hear more about the thermal imaging camera from Escondido Fire Chief Russell Knowles or click here to learn more about SDG&E’s fire preparedness efforts.