#TheEVAccord: New Momentum Driving Clean Transportation Forward

#TheEVAccord: New Momentum Driving Clean Transportation Forward

The future of transportation is electric, and we are excited to be part of a nationwide movement to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles which generate low or no tailpipe emissions.

SDG&E has joined scores of environmental organizations, consumer advocates, labor groups, energy companies and automakers nationwide to be a signatory of #TheEVAccord, which was unveiled today at the EV Roadmap conference in Portland, Oregon.

The accord provides a roadmap for how transportation electrification can be advanced in a way that benefits everyone, while supporting the evolution of a cleaner grid and spurring innovation. Signatories of the Accord have pledged support for a set of principles outlined in the document, including a commitment to achieve an equitable transition to clean transportation.

The accord was developed by Advanced Energy Economy, Energy Foundation, Illinois Citizen Utility Board, Natural Resources Defense Council, Plug-in America and Sierra Club in collaboration with diverse stakeholder and business interests.

The Status of Transportation Electrification in San Diego

Currently, more than 29,000 electric vehicles are on the road in SDG&E’s service territory, which encompasses San Diego County and southern Orange County.

To solve the problem of range anxiety, we are working aggressively to plan and build thousands of chargers to support the electrification of all classes of equipment and vehicles, ranging from passenger cars and school buses to trucks and forklifts. Places where we are currently installing chargers as part of our Power Your Drive program include apartments, condo complexes, and workplaces.  

For More Information

For more information about #TheEVAccord and a list of organizations that have signed it, visit https://www.theevaccord.com/.