Vets-2-Jets Program

Serving Those Who Served: Vets-2-Jets Collaboration Helps Veterans Succeed in School

Without the talents of the men and women serving in the military, San Diego would not be what it is today. Not only do they make contributions to our country while on active duty, many go on to make further contributions in civilian careers, right here in our town.

How do we as a region ensure that veterans – especially those who have disabilities – succeed in their post-military life? San Diego Miramar College’s Vets-2-Jets is one of those programs working hard to help disabled veterans make a successful transition.

As a supporter of the program and as a company where about 8 percent of the workforce are veterans, we are proud of the difference Vets-2-Jets is making.

Helping Disabled Veterans Overcome Barriers

Since 2013, Vets-2-Jets has helped hundreds of disabled veteran students overcome barriers to academic success. The program provides a variety of resources, including scholarships and financial assistance for textbooks, utility bills, housing and transportation.

“Last semester, it helped me tremendously by covering my books for the spring semester,” said U.S. Marine Corps veteran Marcela Pazmino. “Especially with just getting out of the Marines, my finances were very tight trying to transition to the civilian world.”

Gabriel Walker who is retired from the Marine Corps said the program has made a huge difference for him, as he cannot hold down a job, due to his physical limitations, while attending school.

 “If it weren’t for the Vets-2-Jets program helping to purchase my books, I feel I would have to drop out of school to get a full-time job that would be able to cater to my physical disabilities,” Walker said.

Resources Beyond Scholarships

Veterans at Miramar College enjoy support beyond Vets-2-Jets. There is a veterans center on campus, equipped with computers, a television, comfortable furniture, and space to network and work. More than 300 veterans use the center each semester.

Miramar College provides access to wellness information and workshops and has an active referral process for mental health and disability services.

Veterans also have access to a designated counselor in the Disability Programs & Services Department, as well as an assigned counselor who serves as a mentor for program participants.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Miramar College reported serving more than 2,500 students who were on active-duty military or veterans.

More Information

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