SDG&E Crew at Camp Pendleton Helps Return Lost Dog Tag to Veteran After Nearly 20 Years

SDG&E Crew at Camp Pendleton Helps Return Lost Dog Tag to Veteran After Nearly 20 Years

One of SDG&E's core values is to “Do the Right Thing” for our customers and communities -- this story shares how rewarding those efforts can be.

Earlier this month, SDG&E's gas service crew was trenching with Henkels & McCoy in the Stuart Mesa housing area on Camp Pendleton. One of Henkels & McCoy's employees, Jesse Moreno, noticed something in the sidewall of the trench – a dog tag with an Air Force class ring on it. The items were turned in to Shannon Saucedo, SDG&E Field Construction Advisor, who was able to do some investigating, locate the owner’s information online, and contact her.

The dog tag and ring belonged to Sandra E. Capen, who was enlisted into the Air Force in 1986 and served as an Aircraft Armament System Specialist. She was also in the Ready Reserve until 1994.  

Sandy’s husband was a Marine Sniper and stationed at Camp Pendleton from 1992 to 1994. At that time, the Stuart Mesa housing project was brand new. Sandy and her husband were among the first families to live in the development with their three young children, the youngest being born at Camp Pendleton. 

Sandy had not seen her dog tag and ring for nearly 20 years. She thinks she last had them in 1993 or 1994 and isn’t sure how they were found buried in the ground. She had assumed the items were lost throughout her multiple military moves over the years. Shannon shipped the items to Sandy, who now lives in Hawaii. 

“It was an honor to be able to return something so important, especially to a veteran,” said Shannon. “Sandy was surprised and grateful – it just shows that putting in the extra effort on our end can have a big impact.”