SDG&E Replacing Wood Poles with Steel to Enhance Fire Safety

SDG&E Replacing Wood Poles with Steel to Enhance Fire Safety

SDG&E’s highest priorities include enhancing safety and promoting a reliable flow of energy to customers. As part of this commitment, SDG&E is strengthening the region’s energy grid by replacing thousands of wood poles with durable steel poles in high-risk fire areas.

Cleveland National Forest Gets a Stronger Grid

In September, SDG&E began a major wood-to-steel project to replace thousands of power poles with fire resistant steel poles throughout the Cleveland National Forest, where weather conditions range from high winds and heat in the summer and snow in the winter. 

Over the next five years, SDG&E will remove or replace nearly 2,000 wooden poles with steel poles in and near the forest. SDG&E also is planning to underground up to 30 miles of overhead lines in sensitive areas like the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area and Cuyamaca State Park. 

Once this project is complete, SDG&E will have fire-hardened the majority of power lines in San Diego County’s high risk fire area.

SDG&E’s Focus on Fire Prevention and Safety

As part of SDG&E’s fire safety plan, the company has replaced more than 7,000 wood poles with durable steel poles throughout the San Diego region. The grid hardening complements other fire safety efforts like SDG&E’s innovative weather network and skycrane firefighting helicopter, all of which help to enhance San Diego’s ability to respond to and prevent emergencies.