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Marketplace Milestone: Two Million Site Visits

We’ve reached a major milestone: Marketplace, our one-stop-shop website for energy-efficient home appliances and electronics, hit two million site visits this month!

“This exciting milestone is an indicator of our customers’ growing interest in energy-wise products,” said Alex Kim, director of customer programs at SDG&E, adding that our Customer Services' mission is to "Make it Easy for our customers by connecting them with relevant energy offerings through a user-friendly online tool.”

Launched in 2016, Marketplace initially promoted rebate-eligible products, along with an opportunity to redeem them more efficiently. To date, more than 25,000 rebates have been processed through the website, putting more than $1.5 million back in the pockets of customers.

Marketplace offerings have expanded significantly over the past few years to include non-rebate items. Today, the site features more than 9,000 products across 23 categories – ranging from computer tablets and video game consoles to air purifiers and electric vehicle chargers.

Current Rebates Featured on Marketplace

Marketplace offers rebates and incentives ranging from $25 to $350 on select product categories:

  • Smart thermostats – Up to $125
  • Clothes washers – $25
  • Electric water heaters – $350
  • Gas water heaters – $100

Making it Easy for Customers to Comparison Shop

Designed with a mobile first mindset, Marketplace allows shoppers to easily compare prices; receive customized, automated price drop alerts; estimate energy savings; review product features and read product reviews.

Not all energy-efficient products are created equal. If you’d like to learn more about just how efficient any given product is, you can access Energy Score®, an online tool available on Marketplace. The online database analyzes products for any given category and ranks them from zero to 100, based on industry standards, against similar products that are currently available.

Giving Back

Last year, Marketplace launched a nonprofit donation feature that engages customers to help us direct donations to select local nonprofits through the Marketplace rebate process. Each time a rebate is approved, we make a donation to a customer’s selected charity on their behalf. Over the past year, we donated $22,000 to three nonprofits, including San Diego Canyonlands, San Diego River Park Foundation, and Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation. The current roster of nonprofits benefiting from the donation feature include: Earth Discovery Institute, Escondido Creek Conservancy, and San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy.