Pool Savings

Splash into Pool Savings!

With average temperatures already trending higher than normal this summer, many of us will likely be splashing in swimming pools. For those who have their own backyard pool, we invite you to take the plunge and check out some cool savings on energy efficient pool pumps. 

SDG&E's Marketplace is offering $200 rebates for dozens of pool pumps offered by third-party retailers. Marketplace makes it easy to comparison shop and allows you to create a personal profile where you can save searches and enroll in email alerts about specific products.

Doing your part to save

Besides saving money, you can feel good about how your pool pump’s reducing energy while also relieving stress on the electric grid. During peak summer periods, when there is increased air conditioning use, energy-efficient devices can make a real difference in helping to maintain grid reliability by reducing demand on the system.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are several good financial and environmental reasons to replace your single-speed pool pump with a two-speed or variable-speed model. Here are four reasons to upgrade your pool pump:

It pays for itself in less than two years

Runs quieter and lasts longer than conventional single-speed pumps

Saves you $290 - $350 per year in energy bills or thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the device

Uses up to 70 percent less energy than conventional single-speed pumps

Why a variable-speed pump is more energy-efficient

Conventional pumps use the same high speed for vacuuming/cleaning as for filtration. ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps – two-speed or variable speed models – run at different speeds for different functions to save energy (lower speeds for filtration and higher speeds for cleaning). Since the primary function of a pool pump is filtration, running the pump at lower speeds for filtration can help homeowners save big on energy.

For additional summer conservation tips, visit www.sdge.com/summer.

Editor’s note: this is part of SDG&E’s #10WeeksOfSummer campaign where customers can learn more about how we power San Diego and get tips & tools to help you save money and energy.