Maintaining comfortable home temperatures in warmer weather

Maintaining comfortable home temperatures in warmer weather

With heat advisories for today and tomorrow (April 24th and 25th), and seasonal temperatures rising, we want to share some helpful information for keeping your home cool. We know that maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is important, especially with so many of our customers spending more time at home. It can be surprising how much simple steps to efficiently cool and maintain temperature in your home can make a difference.


Block Direct Sunlight


  1. Block direct sunlight during the day.
    • Close indoor window converings like blinds and curtains. Using thermal curtains can help block heat.
    • External thermal shades, reflective films, awnings, or trees can be used to keep the sun from heating up the outside of your windows.


Maintain Indoor Temperature


  1. Weatherize to keep cool air in.
    • Drafty doors and windows let cool air out and warm air in.
    • Using caulk and weather stripping can help you maintain the temperature in your home.


Circulate Indoor Air


  1. Use ceiling and portable fans.
    • Make sure your ceiling fan is set to rotate counterclockwise for cooling.
    • Cooling a room with ceiling or portable fans can cost $0.04/hr, while running central A/C to cool your home can cost $1-2/hour.


Maintain A/C for Efficiency


  1. Do regular maintenance on your A/C unit (if applicable).
    1. Clean or replace the filter in your central A/C.
    2. Follow maintenance instructions from your A/C manufacturer. This can help it run more efficiently.