December Nights at Balboa Park

Lights and Spirits to Shine Bright at December Nights

A time-honored San Diego tradition, December Nights at Balboa Park, kicks off the holiday season this Friday, bringing with it fun and entertainment for the entire family. In its 42nd year, December Nights is one of the city’s largest free community festivals. Attendees of the two-day event will enjoy live, festive entertainment, international cuisine, free museum exhibitions, and extensive light displays.

This year, we continue our own long-standing partnership with the City of San Diego to light the festival with energy-efficient LEDs.  Just as in years past, expect a spectacular Balboa Park transformed into a festive wonderland by thousands of lights.

Stop by Our Booth at December Nights

Our customer outreach team will be hosting a booth in front of the House of Hospitality to talk to customers about Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing plans, energy saving tips and other important customer programs. Be sure to stop by the booth to learn more about why it matters when you use energy, not just how much you use, when it comes to saving money on your energy bill.

What You Need to Know About TOU

TOU is a statewide initiative that is about much more than saving energy or money. The initiative helps keep our state cleaner and healthier, protecting our natural resources and environment for generations to come. This new pricing plan puts you, as a customer, in control. If you can shift some of your energy use to lower-cost time periods, outside 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can lower your electricity bill and make better use of cleaner, renewable energy sources when they are more available. To learn more about TOU pricing plans and how to be successful on TOU, please visit