Donate New Socks This Week at the December Nights Sock Drive

Donate New Socks This Week at the December Nights Sock Drive

The Sock Drive and SDG&E’s Charitable Partnership with PATH San Diego Will Help Warm the Feet of San Diego’s Most Vulnerable 

You can be a winter sock hero!

Socks are the #1 most requested items in San Diego’s homeless shelters. By gifting a pair of socks, you could bring a warmer season to our unsheltered neighbors. 

There will be a zero emission SDG&E truck at Balboa Park the December Nights holiday festival on Dec. 2nd and 3rd where community members are welcome to come bearing winter cheer and a new pair of socks to donate. Just look for the signs on the big electric SDG&E Ford F-150 and drop your socks in the truck bed!

SDG&E and Sempra employees have also been collecting socks at their offices which will be added to the donation pile.

The charitable partnership benefits PATH San Diego, a local social service agency empowering people living on the streets to move into permanent housing. The sock drive, combined with a charitable grant from SDG&E, will support PATH in its efforts to house and provide comfort to unsheltered San Diegans this holiday season. 

December Nights 2022, held Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3, is the City of San Diego’s largest two-day holiday festival. The free event brings together family and cheer with lights, sounds, and foods of the season.  

“We are excited to bring a new charitable initiative to this year’s December Nights -- a sock drive to benefit unsheltered San Diegans,” said SDG&E Director of Community Relations Kazeem Omidiji. “We encourage everyone going to the event to bring a pair of new socks to donate to our nonprofit partner, PATH San Diego.”   

The Gift that Keeps Giving  

Most of us, distracted by the day ahead, might take our socks for granted as they serve as the primary step to start the day. 

There is a sense of dignity when putting on a pair of new socks. Socks are the cornerstone of humanity’s innovation and purpose. Without them we may feel exposed and vulnerable. With them we are clothed to seize the day. For some, each pull of the fabric beckons the mind back to why we got them or who got them for us. A backstory and warmth that fuels the soul. Their style is an outward imprint of who we are or who we want to be.  

It’s easy to overlook this small joy when your sock drawer is overflowing with a cornucopia of colors and patterns.  

A pair of socks may seem like a small thing, but it is an essential item that can really help provide comfort to those who have very little. Your donation of a new pair of socks serves as a foundational reboot, a new perspective, or literally a fresh start for someone in need. Donate today at work or bring a pair or two to December Nights and drop them off at the SDG&E booth. Next time you look down, you will be proud you did your part.