Let’s Work Together to Get Better Prepared for Wildfires

Let’s Work Together to Get Better Prepared for Wildfires

The SoCal lifestyle comes with a lot of perks – plentiful sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a fun outdoor culture, but unfortunately, it also includes living nearly year- round with wildfire risk.

Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown declared May 6-12 Wildfire Awareness Week to encourage Californians to undertake the necessary emergency preparations to survive wildfires. Although Wildfire Awareness Week is coming to an end, it does not mean our work is done.

As you take actions to prepare yourself and your family for wildfires and other emergencies, SDG&E has and will continue to make technology and infrastructure investments to better protect our communities against wildfires.

Watch this video to see our wide-ranging fire safety programs, which range from building the Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index to replacing wood poles with steel pools to pioneering early fire detection with high-definition cameras mounted on mountain tops.

What You Can Do

Fire experts have warned that a robust wildfire response by firefighters alone cannot ensure the safety of all lives and property, so everyone has the obligation to take action to prevent destructive wildfires from occurring, whether it’s clearing the brush on their property or avoiding the use of yard tools near dry grass on high fire-danger periods. One less spark means one less wildfire.

Everyone owes it to their families, children and pets to have an emergency plan in place and emergency supplies at hand.

Click on this link for a list of five tips to help you get prepared.