Electric Vehicle Test Drive event

It's On at the SD County Fair: Free Electric Vehicle Test Drives for Visitors

There is something new at this year's San Diego County Fair. Visitors can enjoy a fun and free opportunity to experience electric vehicles (EVs) at the SDG&E Ride & Drive event on Wednesday, June 26.

SDG&E and the nonprofit Plug In America are offering free test drives of the newest EV models on the fairgrounds’ racetrack, located at the Blue Moon Infield Track Crossover.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., attendees can take the steering wheel of any one of many EVs currently on the market from well-known brands like Jaguar, BMW, MINI and Nissan. Representatives from car dealerships will be on-hand to answer questions and explain all the benefits of driving electric.

Now is a great time to make the transition to driving electric. With over 35 models of plug-in cars currently on the market, there is an EV for every lifestyle.

Benefits of driving electric:

  • Charging is convenient: skip the trip to the gas station and charge your car while you’re asleep. If you can plug in an appliance, you already know how to charge an EV.
  • SDG&E offers special pricing plans to help EV drivers save money. Program your EV to charge during super off-peak hours (midnight-6 a.m.) for the lowest electricity price.
  • Plug-in electric vehicles and hybrids produce either low or zero emissions. With around 45 percent of our region’s grid powered by renewable energy (none of our regional energy supply comes from coal contracts), you can make a difference for our environment by driving electric.
  • There are generous state and federal rebates, as well as FREE carpool lane access for EV drivers.
  • EVs offer high performance, quick acceleration, and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Admission to the Ride & Drive event is included with Fair admission. Attendees who want to participate in the test drives are required to bring a valid driver’s license.

This year’s theme at the Fair is Ozsome—a world inspired by L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” Visitors will journey to the Emerald City, meeting magical new friends along the way.

For more information on the benefits of driving electric, visit sdge.com/Its-on.