SDG&E's Electric Car from 1969

Throwback Thursday: A 1969 Electric Vehicle

Our company’s interest in electric cars goes back half a century. Looking through our archives, we found a picture of a research car that SDG&E had converted in 1969 to run on electricity. It was meant as a demonstration of early electric vehicle technology.

Today, SDG&E has an entire group dedicated to advancing clean transportation. The goal of this group is to expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in this region so it's easier for people and businesses to make the switch to low- or zero-emission electric cars, trucks and equipment.

Through our Power Your Drive Program, SDG&E has installed approximately 3,000 chargers at apartments, condominiums, and workplaces, including municipal facilities to support local cities’ transition to electric fleets.

In addition, we have other projects underway to expand charging equipment at the airport, at Park & Ride lots, at the Port of San Diego, and for shuttle and fleet delivery vehicles. Our vision for the future also includes expanding charging infrastructure to parks and schools, and commercial and  use medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, such as school buses, public transit buses, trucks and even refrigerated trailers.

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