Wildfire Risk Reduction Model

Innovation Enhances Safety: Wildfire Risk Reduction Model

Over the past decade, we have been expanding and leveraging innovative technologies so the region has more information to be prepared for catastrophic wildfires.


One such innovation is a computer model that analyzes things like wind, temperature, humidity and topography to accurately predict where a wildfire will spread. That information is used to assess areas of highest fire danger before a blaze begins so we can take preventative measures to enhance public safety and ensure the reliability of our electric system.


The Wildfire Risk Reduction Model—a first of its kind in the nation—uses simulations generated from weather conditions to assess the wildfire risk to every component of our electric system, including power lines, poles, switches and fuses.


The model factors in historical fire and outage history, weather and vegetation data, and fire behavior analysis to predict the SDG&E infrastructure that is at high risk for potential fires.


The Wildfire Risk Reduction Model has been two years in the making and puts SDG&E at the forefront of developing one of the most important risk-related innovations in the industry.


The safety of our customers, community and employees is our top priority, and we will continue to do everything we can to protect them while providing reliable service.