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"Everything in Our Power" Provides Behind-the-Scenes Look at SDG&E's Wildfire Safety Innovations

Protecting our communities from devastating wildfires is one of our highest priorities. To that end, we have invested about $1.5 billion in a variety of initiatives and technologies over the past decade to help prevent catastrophic wildfires.

The work that we do in wildfire preparedness and our extensive partnerships with local firefighting agencies are highlighted in a newly released 30-minute documentary that is playing on local TV stations, including Fox 5, 10News, NBC 7 and CBS 8 through December.

We invite you to watch the documentary to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the innovations we have pioneered to prevent wildfires.

Everything in Our Power Show Schedule

Our industry leading efforts in wildfire prevention include:

  • Building a dense network of weather stations to monitor temperature, wind and humidity
  • Employing a team of former firefighters with over 150 years of experience to work closely with local public safety agencies on training, fire prevention and emergency response
  • Installing fire-detecting cameras on mountaintops
  • Updating operational protocols, such as disabling automatic reclosers to prevent power lines from re-energizing after a fault has been detected
  • Aggressively replacing wood poles with fire-resistant steel poles
  • Boosting local firefighting capabilities by making available a helitanker with a 2,650-gallon tank and a Black Hawk helicopter to respond to fires

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