Engineers Week Employee Spotlight: Kelvin Ellis, Accounts Manager of Energy Markets

Engineers Week Employee Spotlight: Kelvin Ellis, Accounts Manager of Energy Markets

Editor's note: In recognition of National Engineers Week (Feb. 21-27), we're celebrating employees in this field of expertise. We continue to provide clean, safe and reliable energy to the San Diego Region through their knowledge and guidance.  

Like several of our company's engineers, Kelvin Ellis has been passionate about his work from the very start. A gregarious and upbeat employee, Ellis serves as our company's account manager for energy markets. He and his team act as the customer liaison between large energy customers and our company. For example, two of his main customer accounts are the San Diego Regional Airport Authority and the Port of San Diego.

In his day-to-day work, his primary function is serving as a conduit to making sure his customers are making the right energy choices and helping them understand the technology and tools available to them. His main goals are to help ensure that they can run their business as efficiently as possible regarding energy management.

Southern Roots

Ellis grew up in Louisiana, where he was always interested in STEM principles. He attended Southern University, a historically black college and university, and, as though scripted in a film, he met his future wife here.

"I met my wife while I was in engineering school," said Ellis. "And we were both studying to be mechanical engineers! Now, we've been married for 36 years and have three wonderful daughters."

It is with this background that Ellis continuously approaches his work and life. His attitude is paramount in his success.

Coordination and Collaboration

The group Ellis frequently works with, business services, interacts with customers daily.

"We work to successfully help our customers understand their needs and how we can be more effective," said Ellis. "Another inclusive aspect is our annual Energy Showcase Awards. This helps us encourage our customers to continue their efforts."

Ellis adds that a favorite project thus far has been the solar trees at the Energy Innovation Center. This initiative involved installing six solar trees that track the sun and generate energy for the regional grid.

As mentioned previously, Ellis's approach to how he works serves him, and the company, to the utmost.

"I like to come in with the attitude 'How do I make the company better?'" said Ellis. "Several years ago, I developed a passion for environmental stewardship – implementing renewable energy sources, cut down carbon emissions, etc. Now, I'm constantly asking, 'What's the cleanest way of doing this?"

Being an environmental steward is essential to Ellis, who further offers that: "It all comes down to what kind of planet we are leaving our children. With all our truly cutting-edge work, from microgrids to solar and energy storage, I believe we are doing our part."

Thank you, Kelvin Ellis, for your passion and joy that you bring to this work!