Dirt Doesn’t Hurt: Recognizing National 811 Day 

Dirt Doesn’t Hurt: Recognizing National 811 Day 

Dirt isn’t scary, but accidentally breaking an underground gas line is! For this reason, Aug. 11 is designated as “National 8-1-1 Day.” So, we’re here to remind you, before undertaking any digging projects this summer, please remember to dial 8-1-1 at least two working days prior. 

Doing so will help keep your neighborhood and utility services safe.  

I Don’t See Lines on My Property; Why Should I Call? 

Gas pipelines and electric lines can be located anywhere — under streets, sidewalks, or even your yard. So if you’re looking to start a project like planting some trees or putting in that new mailbox or fence, it’s important to know if any such lines are running underground in the area you are planning to dig. 

Not only is it a suggestion, but California state law stipulates you need to call Dig Alert (8-1-1) as well.  


Also, many utilities are buried just a few inches below ground. So, only use hand tools to dig within 24 inches of marked gas lines. Something as simple as a slight gouge, scrape or dent to a gas pipeline could lead to a leak. 

Help Yourself 

Homeowners often make risky assumptions about whether they should get their utility lines marked, but every digging job requires a call – even “small” projects like planting trees and shrubs. 

Even if you’ve hired a contractor, make sure the contractor calls 811 to have buried lines marked by SDG&E for free. 


Calling 811 helps prevent injuries, property damage and costly repairs and fines. Failure to do so can result in exorbitant fines and you could be charged with the repair costs of damaged underground facilities. 

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