Day on the Farm

A Day on the Farm: Volunteers Dig Deep to Help Create a Thriving Community Ecosystem

Imagine if a farm could transform a community. Well, in Encinitas, that idea has taken root, and environmental nonprofit organization The Ecology Center is developing a place to plant, grow, and eat.

Earlier this year, The Ecology Center began its partnership with the Encinitas Union School District’s Farm Lab and took on the task of transforming a dirt lot into a thriving community ecosystem. But building an ecological and educational farm complex not only takes time, but it takes partnerships – and we are glad to be one of the partners.

Getting Our Hands Dirty to Help

Today, 100 Team Sempra/SDG&E employees and their families got their hands dirty in Farm Lab’s organic soil for the second year in a row to further transform the property into a thriving and beautiful food forest and community food ecosystem. We harvested organic fruits and vegetables and removed last season’s crops from the field, preparing the soil for the planting of cover crops. They also raked and spread mountains of mulch around the property and planted seasonal vegetables, helping to cultivate fresh, organic produce for EUSD student lunches.

Farm Lab relies on dedicated volunteers to help support and enhance their outdoor learning campus and further their mission to stay connected within the community.

In one morning, our volunteers accomplished projects that would have taken The Ecology Center’s staff over a month to complete, according to to Center’s Director of Replication Jonathan Zaidman.

Ongoing Partnership

SDG&E has been supporting The Ecology Center’s environmental education efforts in San Juan Capistrano and south Orange county for nearly a decade as part of our Environmental Champions grant program.

With its recent expansion to north San Diego County, our support will allow The Ecology Center to reach more youth through Road Trip. Road Trip is essentially The Ecology Center on wheels, providing interactive displays, a kitchen classroom, and transformative environmental educational programming anywhere the road takes them. 

More Information

You can get involved too. The Ecology Center offers an array of volunteer opportunities that engages the community to take part in the movement to build a transformative food future. Learn more about their efforts at