Technology Incentives Program

“Our region is at the forefront of a clean transportation movement because of forward-looking cities like Chula Vista and everyday people who make the choice to switch to electric vehicles,” said Eugene “Mitch” Mitchell, SDG&E’s vice president of state governmental affairs and external affairs. “Communities in every corner of the San Diego County are actively working with us to find ways to electrify their municipal fleets because they understand that tailpipe emissions from gasoline-fueled vehicles cause significant air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.”

In the San Diego region, transportation accounts for about 50 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. To help solve this problem, a growing number of cities and people are making the switch to electric drive, which is both environmentally friendly and potentially more cost effective. Electric vehicles generally cost less to maintain, as their engines have fewer moving parts. EV drivers also can take advantage of special electric rates to save on charging.