Weather Station

Weather Update: Mountain Snow and Rainfall Records

Our mountain-top cameras and weather station network throughout the region is providing near real-time information on how the latest winter storm is affecting our region. From the comfort of your home or office, you can pull the information right up on your computer.

For the latest on wind guests, humidity and temperature by community, visit

For streaming views of our region captured by mountaintop cameras, visit, If you want to see if the rain will turn into snow on Mt. Laguna and Palomar Mountain, these cameras will show you.

According to our meteorology team, light snowfall is possible above 4,000 feet tonight through Tuesday evening. There may even be snow down to 3,000 feet late Tuesday night.

What to Expect the Rest of the Week

There is a slight chance of thunderstorms tonight, and intermittent periods of showers are expected through Wednesday morning. The weather is forecast to be warmer and drier on Thursday and Friday.

Don’t put away your umbrellas just yet, as there is a chance of showers this weekend.

Power Outage Information

Another resource you should bookmark on your computer is the SDG&E Outage Map. This is where you can come to check the status of current outages and estimated restoration times.

Please note that restoration times are estimates. Once our crews get out in the field to troubleshoot the problem, they may find that more time is required for repairs than initially estimated. As more information becomes available, the restoration times are updated.

Recap of Rainfall to Date

Here is a breakdown of rainfall totals for various of our regions, recorded between Jan. 31 and Feb. 4.

  • Coast/mesas: 1.40-3.10 inches
  • Valleys: 1.70-3.70 inches
  • Mountains: 1.70-5.00+ inches
  • Deserts: .10-1.00 inch
  • Peak wind gusts Saturday:
  • Coast/Valleys: 35-60 mph
  • Mountains: 35-68 mph
  • Deserts: 35-45 mph