Upgrading Miles of Natural Gas Pipelines to Enhance Safety

Upgrading Miles of Natural Gas Pipelines to Enhance Safety

About 880,000 homes and businesses in our region rely on natural gas every day for heating and cooking and to run the equipment that drives our economy. To ensure our customers continue to receive safe and reliable service, we are in the final stages of a six-year program to modernize and upgrade our pipelines and equipment systemwide.

SDG&E’s Pipeline Safety and Enhancement Plan (PSEP) to test, upgrade or retrofit natural gas pipelines and valves with the latest technology is now in the home stretch.  We began PSEP in 2012 and expect to wrap up the work this summer.

Inspecting and Modernizing Pipelines

Since PSEP began, we have tested and modernized more than 23 miles of natural gas pipelines throughout the region.  Where needed, we upgrade portions of our large natural gas pipelines with new ones using the latest technology and modern construction techniques. The new sections of pipeline are installed adjacent to the existing one, minimizing service interruptions.

Automating Pipeline Valves

Pipeline valves are one of the key safety components of our natural gas system. Nearly two-dozen valves have been upgraded with technology that allows them to be opened or closed remotely by our highly-trained system operators.

Automating these pipeline valves will enhance community safety by enabling us to control the flow of natural gas, or if necessary, shut it off in the event of an emergency.

Bringing New Life to a Popular Bike Path

Construction was completed ahead of schedule on section of pipeline adjacent to Mission Bay, allowing us to repave and reopen a popular stretch of bike path in time for the busy Memorial Day weekend.

During construction, the Ocean Beach Bike Path between West Mission Bay Drive and Pacific Highway was temporarily closed and cyclists were detoured for safety. This allowed us to install a new 400-foot-long section of transmission pipeline to supply natural gas to the Point Loma, Sports Area and Ocean Beach communities.

The well-traveled bike path was repaved after construction so cyclists now have a fresh stretch of trail to ride while enjoying San Diego’s coastal scenery.

Commitment to Public Safety

The safety of our customers, the communities we serve and our employees is our highest priority. In addition to the modernization projects, SDG&E routinely performs various pipeline safety and maintenance tasks, including patrolling, inspecting, testing, repairing and upgrading pipelines.

We meet or exceed all federal and state requirements for safe pipeline operations and maintenance, including requiring ongoing rigorous technical training and testing for employees. These efforts embody our commitment to building America’s cleanest, safest and most reliable energy company in America.