SDG&E Publishes 2022 Sustainability Strategy Update – Always Forward

SDG&E Publishes 2022 Sustainability Strategy Update – Always Forward

In 2020, SDG&E released our first sustainability strategy. Since then, we have made great strides in our efforts to make our community safer, stronger and healthier in the face of climate change. Today, SDG&E published our Sustainability Strategy Update for 2022 – Always Forward.

Our 2022 update not only showcases the initiatives that are helping make our region more resilient, but also recognizes the employees leading our work to meet our climate goals. Within its pages, you will see a variety of projects and programs that are designed to help make our communities:

  • Safer through innovations and policy changes, including the invention of a new type of balloon made with non-conductive, shiny material that can help reduce power outages and fires by replacing existing foil balloons.
  • Stronger through strategic philanthropy and investments in internal and external programs and training that will help build a diverse workforce of the future for our company and region.
  • Healthier through new technologies and collaborations that brought Southern California’s first Vehicle-to-Grid project online with the Cajon Valley Union School District and local company Nuvve. 

SDG&E is grateful to be part of a movement that includes organizations and individuals across the public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors – all coming together to create a more sustainable and equitable clean energy future for everyone. Where there is a collective will, there is a way.

We invite you to learn more about the projects, organizations and people who are helping our region and state reach net zero by 2045.

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