SDG&E Partners with City of San Diego to Plant 290 New Trees in Bay Terraces

SDG&E Partners with City of San Diego to Plant 290 New Trees in Bay Terraces

Trees help the city meet climate goals, beautify community & improve air quality  


Today, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in partnership with the City of San Diego and District 4 Council Member Monica Montgomery Steppe, announced the planting of 290 trees in Bay Terraces, including 35 different tree species.  

“Urban greening projects like the one taking place right here today are such an important part of our work to build climate resilient communities,” said Jonathan Woldemariam, SDG&E’s Director of Wildfire Mitigation & Vegetation Management. 

As part of the franchise Energy Cooperation Agreement between SDG&E and the city, the two entities are collaborating to plant more than 2,500 trees in various communities over ten years to help meet the goals of the city’s climate action plan 

This is the third tree planting of its kind. Last year, SDG&E and the city worked together to plant more than 600 trees in City Heights and Allied Gardens. SDG&E is funding the planting and the city will water and maintain the new trees.  

“Expanding our urban canopy coverage in San Diego is critical in our fight against climate change. I'm proud to partner with SDG&E and the City's Urban Forestry Department to plant over 290 trees in Bay Terraces," said Council President Pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe. "These trees provide long-term environmental benefits by helping conserve energy, reduce stormwater runoff, filter air, and add beauty, form, and structure to urban design.” 

Increasing the city’s urban forest provides many long-term environmental, health, aesthetic and economic benefits, as trees can help capture carbon, remove air pollution, reduce stormwater runoff, improve property value, and provide shade to reduce energy use in buildings.   

According to theArbor Day Foundation, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in a year and release oxygen in exchange.