Top Takeaways from SDG&E’s Fleet Design Team on the Benefits Driving Electric at Home

The SDG&E Fleet Design Team's Top Takeaways from Driving Electric at Home

Our Fleet Design team here at SDG&E is responsible for the design and layout of all our company vehicles – from sedans, SUVs and pickups to complex and heavy-duty equipment, they ensure our vehicles meet or exceed the expectations of our company’s operating groups, including our diverse electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

In addition to keeping SDG&E’s fleet as environmentally friendly as possible, each of the four members of the team also drives an EV at home, and that isn’t a coincidence – they believe driving electric is the right thing to do for our environment and their transportation costs.

Curious what these EV-savvy team members have to say about the benefits of driving electric? Hear it straight from them:


Living our mission, one drive at a time


Rick Thomsen poses next to his EV

“What I enjoy most about my EV is the return on investment. My fuel cost is 4.8 cents per mile. Conversely, my wife’s car has a fuel cost of 17 cents per mile. This really makes a big difference in our annual transportation costs, or as I like to think of it, enough savings for a day at Disneyland with the grandkids.” – Rick Thomsen, senior fleet design specialist


Dave Brown poses next to his EV

“I chose to lease a brand new 2018 Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) in an effort to practice what we preach when urging our company work groups to move to Hybrids or EVs where possible. This PHEV fits nicely in my daily work commute. The 27-mile estimated all-electric range on a full charge is perfect for my drive from Oceanside to Miramar.” – Dave Brown, equipment design specialist


Jay Stielau poses next to his EV

“My position at SDG&E has given me a unique perspective on the clean transportation benefits and have been the driving factor in deciding to purchase an electric vehicle. I really like knowing that I am doing my part to minimize our carbon footprint and improve air quality.” – Jay Stielau, fleet design/QA advisor


Clint Marsh poses next to his EV

“My Fiat 500e is a blast to drive and fits my active lifestyle. It’s fun to watch people point and laugh when they see my Kayak or 10-foot surfboard on the roof of my little EV, but what’s even more fun - my transportation costs have essentially been cut in half!” – Clint Marsh, fleet asset manager


Clint driving his EV with a surf board strapped on top

Is an EV right for you?

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