SDG&E Debuts New Podcast

SDG&E Debuts New Podcast

SDG&E recently participated in a video and audio podcast in partnership with the San Diego Union Tribune (UT). The news publication is testing a new social media platform, Custom Podcasts, to help local organizations share stories and information. 

SDG&E’s new podcast, The Connection, offers a unique insight into the complex and sometimes confusing world of the utility. The podcast aims to spotlight key individuals working behind the scenes, sharing their inspiring stories and insights into the energy industry. The team hosted two podcasts, one in Spanish (La Conexión), and one in English. Both focused on SDG&E's variety of customer assistance offerings, such as bill discounts, emergency payment help and payment arrangements. 

Rick Cervantes (Social Media Manager) hosted the Spanish podcast with guests Carlos Balvaneda (Energy Services Specialist) and Candace Hadley (Spanish Communications Manager), while Anthony Wagner (Media Relations Manager) hosted the English version with guests Hollie Bierman (Director of Customer Programs) and Katy Homyk (Sr. Marketing Advisor). The narrative is from the employees' perspective, adding a human element to SDG&E's goals and mission. 

The UT started promoting the new channel to their subscribers on Sunday, May 28th through their print and digital platforms, which SDG&E will amplify through various channels.  

After the pilot podcast, SDG&E will evaluate our audience response and decide whether to include the new podcast as part of our on-going customer communications and marketing strategy. If approved, future podcast episodes would delve into the unique perspectives, stories, and achievements of SDG&E's diverse workforce, allowing listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role played by individuals within the energy sector and the broader community. 

So, plug in and power up as we explore the mysteries beyond the meter.