Group Photo of Linemen Rodeo Participants

The Power Players: SDG&E Linemen compete in Annual International Lineman Rodeo

The atmosphere was electric as the 39th annual International Lineman Rodeo took place in Kansas City from October 11-14. Among the thousands of participants froLinemenm around the world, a group of linemen from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) stepped into the competition, ready to demonstrate their skills and expertise. 

The International Lineman Rodeo is a competitive event that draws the best linemen worldwide to demonstrate their skills in real-world scenarios, from pole climbing to simulated emergencies. It's an intense competition, but for the SDG&E team, it also serves as a platform to showcase their commitment to safety, efficiency, and teamwork.

From participant to judge, Darryl Hall, the working foreman at Metro, brings more than four decades of linemen experience in the field and has participated in seven previous rodeos.

Linemen This would be my seventh rodeo, and although it was my first experience as a judge, the event was still filled with camaraderie and teamwork,” recalled Hall. "People often underestimate the simple act of flipping a switch and getting electricity. However, it takes immense effort to make that happen, and events like these keep us at the top of our game.”

Throughout the event, the SDG&E linemen were impressed not only with their technical skills but also with their fellowship and team spirit. The team's resilience and dedication were evident, reflecting the ethos of their profession - to be always ready, always alert, and always willing to put their best foot forward.

As the rodeo came to a close, the SDG&E team returned home, their spirits high and their resolve strengthened.

“For me, this is an experience where we showcase our skills on behalf of SDG&E and compete against the best from other cities, states, and countries,” said David Martinez, a lineman and competition participant. “We may not have taken the top prize, but we got a strong competitive spirit. Look out 2024.”