Tactical Command Vehicle

Our Tactical Command Vehicle is in the News!

Our Tactical Command Vehicle – part of our arsenal of emergency preparedness tools – was recently highlighted in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our ability to respond to emergencies – whether they be wildfires, earthquakes or other crises, we acquired a high-tech truck with the capability to travel off-road. The truck is built for deployment into the heart of challenging environments, such as remote and fire-prone backcountry areas where Internet and phone communications can be spotty.

The vehicle comes equipped a suite of communications equipment –  satellite connection, internet access, phone, radio, and even a downlink for photos and videos captured by helicopter. It’s vital for emergency response efforts because it allows teams to deploy faster – the vehicle can be fully functional in 20 minutes – and quickly establish a virtual office in temporary locations. Mobile connectivity also includes a touch screen table top that allows responders to bring up maps of the region and of critical energy infrastructure. The truck has a total of four screens where we can display images.