Love is in the Air -- and in the Park -- this Valentine's Day

Love is in the Air -- and in the Park -- this Valentine's Day

What’s not to love about cleaner air and a better environment? This Valentine’s Day you can celebrate both thanks to an expanding network of EV chargers in San Diego County! 

Last year, we installed EV chargers in Luiseño Park in Oceanside as part of our Power Your Drive for Parks, Schools and Beaches program. See the chargers in action and hear from Oceanside Mayor Esther Sanchez, IBEW Business Manager Nate Fairman and SDG&E Vice President of Energy Innovation Miguel Romero on the economic and environmental benefits of clean transportation.  

Count the reasons why you, too, should #LOVELECTRIC: 

  • Your electric vehicle (EV) can recharge when you do. You can start the charge before bed and your car will be ready to drive 100+ miles when you wake up. A plug-in hybrid (PHEV) can also drive close to 45 miles on a single charge for some models. 

  • PHEVs require oil changes less often, and EVs don’t need them at all! No engine means no engine maintenance. 

  • EVs can be great family cars. On top of saving money on travel costs compared to the cost of gasoline, they come in many styles and sizes to fit any family’s needs. 

  • Did we mention driving electric means less or no trips to the gas station? Stop by the corner store when you’re craving a snack, not when you’re running late, and 10 cars are ahead of you waiting for the pump. 

  • Was your mental picture of an EV a small, one-size-fits-all style? Don't worry, they get that a lot - but you could be amazed by the variety on the market today, including SUVs and minivans! Chances are there's one that's just your type. Match with your dream EV at

  • Are you still curious about what your savings could look like? Check out this calculator  here