Let’s Talk Climate Change

Let’s Talk Climate Change

Local leaders and environmental experts gather for inaugural climate summit

San Diego is home to more than 200 threatened or endangered species, making it one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. With climate change impacting that biodiversity and our way of life, a local group of concerned scientists and leaders gathered this week for the inaugural San Diego Climate Summit.

The summit provided an in-depth look at how climate change impacts our region’s environment by bringing together climatologists, ecologists, nonprofit and public agency staff, and tribal and business leaders. Attendees discussed how our region can work together to adapt to climate change by enhancing our collective ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from extreme weather events.

Mike Schneider, our chief environmental officer, delivered the opening remarks at the summit. He shared what SDG&E is doing to reduce wildfire risk associated with changing climate. We are making significant investments to strengthen the electric system, especially in fire-prone areas, by upgrading wood poles to steel poles and by operating a network of weather stations to enhance our situational awareness. Learn more about our wide range of fire preparedness efforts here.

New report presents key climate issues facing San Diego

A new climate report – San Diego County Ecosystems: The Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on a Biodiversity Hotspot – was previewed at the summit. The report addressed important topics such as:

  • Ecological impacts of changing conditions
  • Temperature and temperature extremes in the San Diego Region
  • Precipitation and drought in San Diego County
  • San Diego wildfires: drivers of change and future outlook
  • Impacts and influences of coastal low clouds and fog on biodiversity in San Diego
  • Conservation and management for San Diego’s changing climate

The full report will be released later this year as part of California’s Fourth Climate Assessment. The assessment provides critical climate science information to support decisions that will help safeguard the people, economy and resources of California.     

Collaboration is critical to climate change adaptation success

No single entity alone can protect our water quality, preserve natural habitat, reduce greenhouse gases, or prepare for increased and more extreme weather events.

That’s why it’s important to bring people together for the inaugural San Diego Climate Summit. We co-hosted the summit with the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaption at Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Climate Science Alliance.