Clean Air Day

Jennifer Allyn: Living Clean Air Day Every Day

California Clean Air Day is today, and everyone is encouraged to do their part to help reduce air pollution today, but how about doing it every day?

It's easier than you think. Take it from Jennifer Allyn, our business services manager who rides the bus to work every day.

“SDG&E is in the clean air business, and I support reducing GHG emissions at work and in my personal life,” said Allyn. “My biggest commitment to improving our region’s air quality is ridesharing.”

How is SDG&E in the clean air business? We play a major role in supporting the transition to zero-emission electric vehicles by building the charging network. We also supply around 45 percent renewable energy to the regional grid, which comes from carbon-free sources such as the sun and wind.

Why rideshare?

After Allyn moved to the East Village in downtown San Diego, she began to realize that her trusty Jeep Wrangler wasn’t logging the mileage it once was.

“I quickly learned it is more convenient than you think to take the bus, trolley or Lyft Shared,” she said, noting she likes doing away with the stress of sitting in traffic or finding parking. “There are a lot of online tools, such as Google Maps and Lyft Shared, that can help you manage your transportation."

That convenience, coupled with her commitment to improving air quality, led Allyn to sell her car and make ridesharing her main source of transportation. It’s benefited her life and she encourages everyone  to give it a try with an open mind.

“There are lots of misconceptions about ridesharing,” she said. “Most people use the time to work, catch up on emails or check the news on their phones…. If I happen to miss my ride, I make the most of that short time until the next one arrives to call a loved one I haven’t talked to in a while.”

On a roll

For Allyn, ridesharing was just the beginning.

“Without my car, I began walking and biking more often through my neighborhood and surrounding communities,” she said. “Now, I am a fan of urban hikes. I trek from East Village to Ocean Beach on foot for fish tacos and a sunset. It’s fun, healthy and I learn a lot more about the San Diego community.”

Her longest urban hike? La Mesa back to East Village.

Allyn is taking her everyday commitment to clean air a step further with this year’s Clean Air Day pledge, vowing to quit traditional all-purpose cleaners for natural products only.

For Allyn, the best is yet to come.

“I can’t wait to ride on my first electric bus and know that SDG&E has played a huge part in getting it on the road and me out of my car.”