Holiday Safety Tips: Keeping Metallic Foil Balloons Away from Power Lines

Holiday Safety Tips: Keeping Metallic Foil Balloons Away from Power Lines

Since we are approaching New Year's Eve 2022, we are providing safety tips for those who are decorating their homes with festive additions. For this reason, we would like to remind our customers of the potential dangers of releasing inflatable metallic foil (Mylar®) balloons into the atmosphere.

Metallic foil balloons are colorful, festive decorations – but the metallic coating that gives them their bright color is also what can cause a power outage if it contacts a power line.

Around this time every year, there is a surge in balloon incidents with the electrical system, which is why we are asking that everyone do their part to help prevent metallic foil balloon-related outages by following these tips:

  • Keep your balloons indoors.
  • If your holiday festivities take you outdoors, make sure your balloons are securely fastened or attached to a weight.
  • When the fun is done, dispose of a Mylar® balloon by fully deflating it so that it doesn’t get loose and float away. Partially inflated balloons can easily become airborne.
  • If you notice a metallic foil balloon, or any object, entangled in an overhead power line, please call 9-1-1 or SDG&E at 1-800-411-7343. Do not try to remove it yourself.

Over the past five years, Mylar® balloons have been identified as the cause of more than 500 power outages to our region’s electrical system.

Once used, please remember to pierce and fully deflate your balloons when the festivities are over. Metallic foil balloons conduct electricity, and if they hit our power lines, they can cause outages (or even fire).

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