Help for Furloughed Employees

Help for Furloughed Employees in Our Region

If you are affected by the federal government shutdown and are struggling to pay your energy bill, help is available.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the shutdown, we want to do our part to provide those affected with some solutions and peace of mind about maintaining their energy service and paying their bill. 

Here are some resources to help you in the interim.

Payment Arrangements

You can request payment arrangements by visiting the MyAccount portal at Through MyAccount, you can enroll in Level Pay, which averages the highs and lows of bills, making them more predictable so you can plan and budget easier.

MyAccount also allows you to compare pricing plans and potentially save money each month by simply being on a different energy plan.

Payment Assistance Programs

Our partner, 211 San Diego, can refer you to payment assistance programs. Obtain referrals by dialing 211 or visiting

Energy Savings Tips to Help Reduce Your Bill

You can also take advantage of a host of energy-saving and money-saving tips and programs at

For additional questions, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-411-SDGE (7343) English; 1-800-311-SDGE (7343) Español; 1-877-889-SDGE (7343) TTY. Our regular business hours are 7am-8pm, Monday through Friday, and 7am-6pm on Saturday.

Please know that we stand ready to offer our assistance, if you need it.