Employees Championing One Another and Inspiring Youth to Follow their Dreams

Employees Championing One Another and Inspiring Youth to Follow their Dreams

“It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to receive it.” Those are the poignant words from our Wildfire Mitigation Project Manager, Christina Williams, when speaking about the help that she and her 13-year-old son Jaiden received from Engineer Joshua Williams who works in our Electric Regional Operations department.

“My son is passionate about engineering and has wanted to be an engineer ever since he could say the word,” said Christina. Although Christina doesn’t have engineering experience herself, she realized that through her network at SDG&E, she could contact a colleague to get advice about how to help set her son up for success. “The support that we received from Joshua was so amazing and such an awesome example of how our employees champion each other and inspire young people in our SDG&E community.”

"I was 100% happy to help," said Joshua. "As soon as Christina asked if I would help shepherd her son into the engineering world my mind automatically went to my organization Young Echelon, hosted at my alma mater University of San Diego, and immersing him in the world of engineering and robotics at our summer STEAM Camp which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.”

“We are so incredibly grateful that Jaiden was able to participate in the Young Echelon’s STEAM camp hosted by USD alumnus & Young Echelon’s Founder Joshua Williams,” exclaims Christina. The week-long camp, held on USD's campus took 11 students through the process of building, enhancing, and programming a robot while gaining leadership and communication skills. 

“During his time at the camp, Jaiden and his teammates built an actual robot, can you believe it? I’m so thrilled that Jaiden is now involved in a community where he can enhance his love of engineering! I truly believe he’s found his tribe, and I’ve never seen my son so happy!”​​​​​​​

When reaching out, Christina explained to Joshua, “my son is passionate about engineering, and he realized his passion at a, surprisingly, early age. So much so, that each year during the holidays, Jaiden only wanted computer parts for Christmas. And with those Christmas computer parts Jaiden built a supercomputer all by himself. Needless to say, I am one proud Mom!”

“This experience with STEAM and his newfound friendship with Joshua has pushed Jaiden in ways neither of us ever thought possible," said Christina. “Jaiden has the courage now to follow his engineering dreams because he believes he can.” Christina continues by saying “thank you, Josh, for your time, attention, and help, and for showing my young son that we are only limited by our imagination.”

​​​​​​Click here for more information about the upcoming 2023 STEAM Camp that will run from July 17-21.