Celebrating Pride Month with SDG&E’s Director of Supply Management, Warren Ruis

Celebrating Pride Month with SDG&E’s Director of Supply Management, Warren Ruis

Editor’s Note: Pride is celebrated around the world every June. This month reflects the years that the LGBTQ+ community fought for civil rights and celebrates the powerful progress of the community today. Together, we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community this Pride Month and every day as we carry out our value of Championing People. To celebrate and promote allyship, we will be featuring employees who identify as LGBTQ+ so we can continue to listen, learn, and support the outside community from within

To conclude our Pride Month Employee Spotlights, we look to our Director of Supply Management, Warren Ruis. Warren has made quite an impact at SDG&E over the years, but his impact extends far beyond the workplace. Interracially married with interracial children, Warren continues to set the bar and fight for morality and justice both socially and professionally to better the future for the LGBTQ+ community.  

Here’s what Warren had to say in our Pride Month Q&A: 

What does it mean to you that SDG&E is celebrating Pride Month? 

Not every energy company prioritizes Pride month and other DE&I issues the way that SDG&E does. We’re fortunate to have a company that’s tackling issues of social justice and inclusion – head on! I was able to come out at work before coming out to some of my family members. The SDG&E team has almost always been super welcoming. Of course, I’ve heard comments and experienced microaggressions; but I’ve always utilized it as an opportunity to educate those around me.  

What's your favorite part about working at SDG&E? 

Whenever I attend a retirement party, the outgoing retirees all praise the same thing – “the people” that they’ve connected with and learned from at SDG&E. I am so fortunate to work with people who want to know about our modern family, who care about my personal journey, and who challenge me every day. We have smart and genuine colleagues – and we should all feel fortunate to be here. 

What's something you think people can do, especially during Pride Month, to provide support to the global LGBTQ+ community? 

My husband and I did a multi-country Honeymoon. One of the stops on our Honeymoon was the Maldives, a country that has outlawed homosexuality. In fact, it could result in extended imprisonment and lashings. Upon landing, we decided to go through security separately, remove our wedding rings and change the wallpaper on our phones. It made us feel so blessed to live in the U.S., but also challenged us to support those around the world who must hide who they are, let alone be able to celebrate Pride. Personally, we give to Rainbow Railroad, which supports LGBTQ+ folx around the world and we encourage you to do the same! 

Thank you, Warren, for everything that you do for both SDG&E and the LGBTQ+ community!