Stay Safe This Winter with Free Appliance Safety Checks

Stay Safe This Winter with Free Appliance Safety Checks

SDG&E recently invited the media to a behind-the-scenes demonstration of SDG&E’s natural gas appliance safety checks.  SDG&E provides this free service to promote safety as temperatures dip and more customers turn on their furnaces for the first time this year. 

With the shared goal of keeping people safe, a number of media outlets shared information about the importance of appliance safety checks, including NBC 7 and CW 6.

Scheduling a Safety Check

SDG&E offers customers free safety checks to make sure home natural gas appliances are operating properly and are not emitting carbon monoxide. Customers can schedule these appliance checks by visiting or calling 800-411-SDGE (7343). 

SDG&E gas technicians will check the furnace to make sure it is working properly and inspect the condition of the filter, which improves the furnace’s heating ability. They also will make sure pilot lights and burner flames are a clear blue, (small flecks of orange are normal). However, a soft yellow burner flame can be a sign of carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous.

Energy Conservation During Winter

In addition to safety, customers can also save money on their heating bill through the following conservation tips:

  • Turn down the furnace thermostat three to five degrees, health permitting, to help save on winter bills.
  • Open curtains and/or blinds during the day to let the sun help warm your home, then close them at night to keep the warm air in. 
  • Seal gaps around windows and doors using insulating tape or caulking strips to eliminate drafts. 

Customers can schedule a safety check online.