speaker quotes

Speaker Quotes

Scott Drury, President, SDG&E

“San Diego County is a community of leadership and innovation, so it is only fitting that this community should receive the benefit of this unique project. For more than a decade, SDG&E has been at the forefront to deliver results consistent with state and local clean energy and carbon emission goals. These projects affirm our commitment to deliver clean energy to customers and to provide a more reliable power supply to our electric grid when it is most needed.”

John Zahurancik, AES Energy Storage President

“SDG&E is a leader in providing clean, reliable power to their customers, and we’re honored that they chose Advancion energy storage to serve their needs. These two projects, including the world’s largest advanced energy storage site, are the latest proof of energy storage’s capacity to scale up and solve our most pressing grid issues in a short period.” “The scale and long duration of the project signals a new era for storage being deployed as flexible capacity.”

Sam Abed, Mayor of City of Escondido

“Escondido is truly a great city and the completion of the world’s largest lithium ion battery energy storage facility is yet another example of how the City of Escondido is now a leader for our region and America.”


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