SDG&E's Electric Hybrid Fault-Finding Van on Display at the ACT EXpo

SDG&E’s High-Tech Hybrid Van Showcased at Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

Our hybrid electric fault-finding van, which is used to troubleshoot power outages, is among the latest innovations showcased at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. The Expo is billed as the largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event of its kind.

The fault-finding van is part of our alternative-fueled vehicle fleet, which also includes scores of hybrid bucket trucks that are used to repair overhead power lines. In addition, our fleet includes retrofitted hybrid Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

We have approximately 1,600 over-the-road vehicles in our fleet, of which about 15 percent use alternative fuels. SDG&E's goal is to have 22 percent of our fleet upgraded to alternative fuel vehicles by the end of 2020.

About the Fault-Finding Van

Our hybrid electric fault-finding van comes equipped with a 28kWh lithium-ion battery pack, so it can power propulsion and auxiliary equipment for the duration of a work day. Heating, air conditioning and lighting inside the van, as well as the fault-finding systems, are powered by battery, so field crews no longer have to keep the engine running to power equipment.

The van not only produces less noise and pollution, it also helps us save money on fuel because the engine is not idling as much.

Less noise equals happier customers. It’s also equally important that we are doing our part to lessen our environmental impact. In California, tailpipe emissions make up the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, far eclipsing the amount of carbon emissions coming from electric generation.