SDG&E Supports Southwestern College’s South Bay Fire Academy and Recent Graduates

SDG&E Supports Southwestern College’s South Bay Fire Academy and Recent Graduates

Courageous and strong are two words that the Director of Southwestern College Fire Technology Program, Lorraine Hutchinson, used to describe the recent graduates of the SWC Fire Academy. “It is an honor to be a part of a team that is helping prepare our future first responders,” said Hutchinson. “It is exciting to congratulate the eight graduates of the inaugural SWC FF1 Basic Fire Academy. As we are now a fully accredited school by the State Fire Training, our fire science students are graduating with their State Firefighter One certifications.”

Hutchinson says that she along with SWC Fire Academy instructors are proud of the graduates for completing the courses that meet the State accredited program which is designed to prepare entry level individuals with cognitive and physical skills to become certified firefighters. “Today, fire service personnel are faced with a diverse and complex environment,” said Hutchinson. “Fire fighters must possess sufficient knowledge and skills to deal effectively with fire protection, emergency medical care response, and hazardous materials.”

We are honored to help support SWC’s Fire Academy and its recruits with a grant because we understand that the Academy’s focus is to help build stronger communities and the next generation of firefighters. 

“SDG&E has been such a generous partner in the support they’ve provided to our first accredited Fire Academy recruits,” said Hutchinson. “We cannot thank SDG&E enough and we look forward to our continued collaboration.” 

Recent graduates trained at the Academy’s Public Safety Training Center, which opened in 2021 and includes a single-story scenario apartment simulator and live-fire tower. The fire simulator is the only one of its kind available to a community college in the region. 

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