SDG&E Offers Free Natural Gas Appliance Safety Checks

SDG&E Offers Free Natural Gas Appliance Safety Checks

As the weather cools and the holiday season swings into full gear, the use of heaters, stoves, fireplaces and electric appliances will likely increase. SDG&E is urging customers to take advantage of its free safety checks on home gas appliances to ensure they are working properly.

During a scheduled appointment, a company gas technician inspects the furnace and condition of the filter to make sure the appliance is not emitting carbon monoxide, which is a safety hazard.

In addition to making an appointment for your natural gas appliances, below are some tips to ensure your home is safe and efficient this winter season:

Safety Tips for Gas Appliances

  • Never use gas ovens or other appliances as a space heater.
  • Check the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and replace, if needed.
  • Periodically check gas appliances to make sure pilot lights and burner flames are clear blue. A soft yellow flame can indicate carbon monoxide.
  • Always make sure the damper is open when using a gas fireplace.

Safety Tips for Electric Appliances

  • Only use lights with the certification mark of a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  • Plug all heat-producing products such as portable heaters and electric blankets directly into the wall rather than using an extension cord, which can overload the devices.
  • Keep heaters a safe distance from furniture, blankets, draperies and other potential fire risks.  

Make your appointment by calling 800-411-7343 or by visiting the “Check My Appliances” link on