SDG&E Field Crews Come to the Aid of Accident Victims and Help Protect Lives

SDG&E Field Crews Come to the Aid of Accident Victims and Help Protect Lives

At SDG&E, our dedication to public safety goes beyond our day-to-day work. During two recent motor vehicle accidents, SDG&E crews used their expertise to help protect lives.

In late December, while returning from a service call, a Gas Emergency Response Crew came to the aid of a 15-year-old girl who had been struck by a car while crossing a Del Mar Heights intersection.

The crew sprang into action using their truck to block the injured girl from oncoming traffic. They radioed for fire and police and secured the intersection with cones and traffic signs before emergency responders arrived. The injured girl was then taken to the hospital.

 After the incident, the police officer in charge complimented the SDG&E gas crew, saying their actions helped save lives and prevent another accident from happening by setting up traffic control.

Late this past summer, crews from SDG&E’s Northeast and Miramar groups, who were working on an infrastructure upgrade project in Carlsbad, rescued the driver from an overturned vehicle.

The crew heard a loud tire screech and saw a convertible lose control, hit an embankment and flip upside down. As a team, the crew quickly ran to the car, called 911 and began to help the injured driver.

With smoke billowing from the bottom of the car, the team safely pulled the pinned driver from underneath the vehicle. Simultaneously, they set up traffic control to aid police and paramedics in responding.

The quick thinking and actions of these crews helped keep our community safe. Their teamwork in the face of emergency is a true reflection of our commitment to be the safest energy company in America.