Enviro Champions

Our Oceans, Our Future: Celebrating World Oceans Day with Three Environmental Champions

The world’s oceans play a critical role in maintaining life on Earth. They are the lifeblood of our planet, providing half of the oxygen we breathe, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and nourishing us with food. The sea is a crucial part of the biosphere and over the last few decades, threats from air pollution have increased dramatically, pushing organisms that make up the base of our food chain to the brink of extinction.

While we may use different names like Atlantic, Pacific and Indian for the oceans, there is really just one World Ocean connecting all of Earth’s ocean waters. This interconnection between waters means pollution is not restricted to one area, it can travel exponential distances, causing damage in regions far from the source—it also means preserving marine ecosystems should be a universal effort.

Around the globe on June 8, we will join millions of others to celebrate World Oceans Day—a day to reflect on global climate challenges and collaborate to make the changes our oceans need, so we can achieve the healthy tomorrow we want for future generations.

A healthy planet needs a healthy ocean, and education and exposure are the first steps to empowering change. Through our annual Environmental Champions giving initiative, we at SDG&E are proud to support a number of local non-profit organizations who are committed to climate science education programs that help clean our air and water, all while building healthier communities.

Floating labs

Organizations like WILDCOAST not only garner some of the most innovative coastal conservation campaigns across California and Latin America, but their programs are aimed at sustaining the planet for future generations with an innovative hands-on—or more accurately, all hands on deck—approach. WILDCOAST’s Floating Laboratory project brings students from schools in San Diego’s underserved communities on a boat off the coastline to conduct real scientific research on water quality to help guide conservation efforts in coastal and marine protected areas in the region. 

Fishable, swimmable, drinkable water

San Diego Coastkeeper is another environmental organization, focused on education and advocacy to protect and restore the County’s fishable, swimmable, drinkable water. Through their innovative Project SWELL—a state-aligned clean water and pollution prevention curriculum for grades K–6—students participate in classroom and interactive environmental education to spark their inner scientist and inspire a sense of environmental stewardship.

Connecting youth for conservation

While we live in a region known for its coastline, there are children in underserved communities within San Diego’s urban hub who don’t have access to the ocean, which can lead to a lack of awareness about the environmental challenges we face.

Enter Ocean Connectors: a small non-profit organization that brings students from National City to the San Diego Bay for a series of ocean-related activities that promote wildlife and habitat conservation in an effort to cultivate a future generation of passionate, globally-aware environmentalists who take active strides to protect our planet.

Click here to learn more about our Environmental Champions initiative and how we’re working to build healthier communities.