Sneha Parmar, Substation Engineering and Design Manager

Millennials at Work: The Purpose-Driven Generation

If you are between the ages 23-38, then you are considered a millennial. Millennial employees make up a higher percentage of the workforce in our metropolitan area than any of our competitor metro areas, according to a new study released by the San Diego Regional Chamber Foundation.

At a news conference held today, SDG&E Substation Engineering & Design Manager Sneha (pronounced as Snay-Ha) Parmar explained how working as a millennial at SDG&E has impacted her life.

“When I first joined SDG&E 12 years ago, I was attracted to both the ability to see the application of the theory I had been learning for years and the work culture,” said Parmar. “People seemed genuinely interested and engaged in their work at SDG&E, and as my career progressed, I witnessed more and more examples of this in different areas of the company. No matter which role I held, there was always a connection to our customers, and I knew that my work truly mattered.” 

Parmar joined SDG&E straight out of college, after completing her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. A licensed professional engineer, she oversees a team that designs and builds substations needed to support population growth and development.

Millennials at Work: The Purpose-Driven Generation

What the Study Says

The study, titled “Millennials at Work: The Purpose-Driven Generation”, is based on a survey of nearly 400 San Diego County millennials to determine what they value in their job and how it compares with the leading recommendations for creating a millennial-friendly workplace. SDG&E was one of the sponsors of the study.

“To thrive as a business in this region, it’s critically important for employers to attract and retain a diverse workforce, and that includes millennials who bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the workplace,” said SDG&E’s Chief Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer Karen Sedgwick. “We take pride in creating a purpose-driven culture where employees find meaning in their daily work to help deliver clean, safe and reliable energy to 3.6 million people.”

The study outlined recommendations for employers who want to retain these sought-after millennial employees.

“I may be a millennial, but I’ve never felt that it mattered when it came to my work,” said Parmar. “I’m lucky to have been surrounded by co-workers and management that have supported me every step of the way. The work that I have done has always brought value and meaning to my life.”

More Information

Check out the full report here.