Dr. Bronner’s: Putting the Clean in Soap and Energy

Dr. Bronner’s: Putting the Clean in Soap and Energy

Dr. Bronner’s – a family-owned business based in Vista best known for its soaps – was recently honored as an Energy Champion at our 13th annual Energy Showcase awards ceremony. Each year, SDG&E recognizes local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies that are the best of the best in energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and sustainability.

Dr. Bronner’s was one of two winners in the industrial category.

This 70-year-old company prides itself on “making socially and environmentally responsible products,” which include castile soap, lotion, toothpaste, shampoos, lip balms, among other things.

Recently, Dr. Bronner’s retrofitted all of its office and warehouse lighting to energy-efficient LED lights. In addition, it partnered with SDG&E to install 14 chargers to enable wider use of zero-emission vehicles.

Going beyond LED lighting and drought-tolerant landscaping, Dr. Bronner’s is close to achieving 100 percent renewable energy to power its operations. It has accomplished this feat by enrolling in SDG&E’s EcoChoice program, which allows participants to subscribe up to 100% renewable energy, and by installing a solar system that generates about 50 percent of the electricity needed for its factory.

Kudos to Dr. Bronner’s for putting the clean not just in soap, but also energy.