Clean, Renewable Energy Produced Right Here in Our Community, For Our Community

Clean, Renewable Energy Produced Right Here in Our Community, For Our Community

Around 45 percent of the power we deliver to our customers every day comes from renewable sources like wind and solar. Some of those clean electrons that flow to your home or business are generated in Ramona and are being used to power communities in the East County.

The Ramona solar energy facility spans 18 acres on the outskirts of the city. Its 1,600 photovoltaic panels generate nearly 5 megawatts of electricity. That energy is channeled onto the local distribution system and used to power about 1,500 homes and businesses in Ramona.

The location of the solar plant was chosen, after an extensive review, for its proximity to a local substation. The site maximizes our ability to provide residents with clean and reliable power, at the lowest cost with the least impact on the surrounding environment.

More Clean Energy Choices

Many customers are unable to install private solar systems because they rent or live in a building where it is not feasible. Utility-scale solar projects like the one in Ramona help provide everyone with access to clean, renewable power.

In addition to the Ramona facility which we own and operate, SDG&E buys solar power from eight, utility-scale generating facilities in Southern California to serve those customers enrolled in our EcoChoice program. EcoChoice participants can elect to purchase between 50 and 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources.

The goal with all of these projects is to provide our customers with more clean energy choices.

Getting Clean Power to Customers When They Need It Most

We believe energy storage is key to enabling greater integration of clean power. It’s a game changer. Using batteries, we can soak up energy generated at solar facilities like the one in Ramona when it is abundant, or when energy demand is low, and then release it when it’s needed most. 

Today, we have more than 100 megawatts of energy storage projects connected to the grid. By 2030, we expect to develop more than 330 MWs of energy storage. This will help us supply more renewable energy to our customers and help ensure grid reliability.

To meet our regional renewable energy goals and to continue to deliver clean, safe and reliable energy, we must have a diverse set of generation resources. Projects like the Ramona solar facility are an important part of that mix.