3 Reasons Electric Vehicles Are The Perfect Choice For You

3 Reasons Electric Vehicles Are The Perfect Choice For You

You might not realize it, but there are lots of reasons an electric vehicle (EV) could be the perfect fit for you. Whether you’re looking for the ideal road trip companion or just looking for something you can rely on day-to-day, there’s an EV that has just what you’re looking for. Here are three reasons to LOVELECTRIC and embrace the EV lifestyle.

  1. EVs go wherever you want to go.

EVs are more than capable of taking you on your daily drives. Many EVs have ranges of more than 200 miles per charge. Plus, our service territory has over 3,000 public chargers. You can find these at Park & Ride locations, and there will soon be more available at schools, parks and beaches.

  1. They’re low maintenance.

EVs have significantly lower maintenance costs because they don’t need oil changes, coolant, transmission fluid, belts or other costly engine parts. Estimates show EV drivers can save up to 30% on annual maintenance costs. Check out more savings at sdge.com/ev-compare.

  1. There are many low-cost options now.

With federal, state and local incentives, the cost to purchase or lease EVs can be much lower. Make sure to check out what’s available at sdge.com/ev-incentives, including the new statewide Clean Fuel Reward that offers up to $1,500 when you purchase or lease a new EV.

Falling in love has never been easier. For more resources and information about why it’s time to love electric vehicles, visit sdge.com/lovelectric.